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“We will remember this trip for the rest of our lives and that’s half of what hunting is about.”

Another great time searching for Elk in the mountains. Before the trip we would have said 1 for 3 is good, 2 for 3 is great but going 3 for 3 and all tagging out with bulls would have been amazing. And that’s just what we did. Thank you Scott Gesell and Beaver Creek Outfitters - Craig, Colorado [...]

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First elk of first rifle!

First elk of first rifle!

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Horses up the mountain for first rifle!

This happened yesterday. He picked up 2 loads of horses in Colorado Springs and sent them up the mountain the last few days. Wranglers, cooks, etc... are flying/driving to Craig and getting moved into at the camps they'll be working at. Hunters are on their way and will be packed into drop camps on Thursday [...]

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BCO Hunters – A look back over the years.

Less than a week away from first rifle! Here's a look back at some great memories being made. "Hunting forces a person to endure, to master themselves, even to truly get to know the wild environment. Actually, along the way, hunting and fishing makes you fall in love with the natural world. This is why [...]

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BCO Family – We couldn’t do this without them!

We are between seasons right now and working hard to get everything ready for our busiest week of fall elk hunting - FIRST RIFLE which begins next Saturday! We have people coming from all over the US to work & hunt. We've got a couple more loads of horses to pickup in Colorado Springs, more [...]

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Roger Lueth & Buck packed in this 30 gallon barrel stove into Dead Horse Camp this fall.

Roger Lueth & Buck packed in this 30 gallon barrel stove into Dead Horse Camp this fall. 

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